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Here at ERA, we understand the demands car dealerships face when attempting to satisfy their customers’ wants and needs. Our role as car transport service specialists is to ensure your auto dealership gets the excellent reviews and referrals it deserves. We tailor car shipping solutions for auto dealerships like you, with everything from instant vehicle shipping quotes to the moneymaking benefits of our upcoming car dealership shipping portal.


The energy, time, and resources your vehicle dealership puts towards each sale are taxing enough. It's even hard to meet your vehicle sales targets while providing a large selection for your customers. When one of your customers wants a particular vehicle, you have to check your inventory. If your car dealership does not have it, you try to locate one at another vehicle dealership. And if you find it at another car dealership, you may need to ship a car to your dealership for your customer to pick up.

That's where ERA Auto shipping comes in to save the day with reliable, professional auto shipping solutions that meet your car dealership's needs.

We Understand Car Dealerships’ Vehicle Transport Needs

Unreliable car transporters will cost your auto dealership time and money, as well as put you in a bind. You've made promises to your customers and you expect the vehicle transporter you hire to meet your car dealership’s needs. Our professional and experienced car shippers are always prepared with the right equipment needed to load your vehicle shipments on the proper trailer and deliver them within the promised time frame.

ERA Auto shipping can even help when another auto transportation service has failed you. Contact us at (203) 793-4141 and let one of our dedicated auto transport specialists help you out of the binds other vehicle transport companies cause. We turn problems into solutions other car moving companies simply cannot provide.

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Perhaps you need another reliable auto transport company for your car dealership because you are growing or don't have enough coverage during peak vehicle sales seasons. If you frequently require an auto transport company to ship vehicles across the country or to adjacent states, you need reliable access to an extensive network of auto shipment carriers.

ERA Auto shippingcan help. We have a network of over 8,000 car carriers to choose from nationwide. And we’re even developing a groundbreaking dealership-focused car shipping portal that will make you money every time you ship a car with us.

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We Meet Our Customers’ Car Dealer Transport Requirements

ERA Auto shippingdoesn’t just serve the vehicle shipping needs of car dealerships. We also ship cars to vehicle dealership customers! If you are an automobile dealership customer who has found your dream car online somewhere across the country, Nexus Auto Transport can help. As a customer, you can compare the dealer auto transport quote to other professional vehicle shipping services to see which is a better option for you.

However, there are several things you need to take into consideration before choosing an auto transport company. You should always read reviews for car dealership transport companies. Find out the size of the vehicle transport company and what its vehicle insurance claims rate is. You should also require access to an accurate, anonymous, online car shipping quote for dealer vehicle shipping. Here at ERA Auto shipping, we ask for your email so that we can send you a copy of your online car shipping quote for your records, but we will never harass you with follow-up sales calls or misuse your private information for commercial gain.

Unlike some other vehicle transport companies, ERA Auto shipping offers you reliable car transport services at budget-friendly prices. Between the bumper-to-bumper car shipping insurance and the thorough inspections both before and after shipping your car, we do everything possible to ensure we ship your vehicle safely and deliver a vehicle to you in its original condition.

And if you're in the market to buy a car and need a great car dealership near you, we're here for you. Contact us for dealer information, hours, and directions to the best vehicle dealerships in your area.

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How Long Does It Take To Buy A Car From A Dealer?

It doesn’t take very long to shop for used cars and buy them from a trusted independent dealership, especially if you know what you’re looking for. It doesn’t take long to buy new and used vehicles for that matter.

If you know what dealership you want to shop at, all you need is the dealer information, hours, and directions. Within minutes of reaching the lot, you'll have a bevy of new and used vehicles to look at and choose from. The average shopping time for new and used cars ranges anywhere from a day to a few weeks.

Once you find the vehicle you want at a trusted independent dealership, paperwork doesn’t take too long at all! Without a need for a car trade appraisal, you can finalize a deal within an hour or so.

For those trading in used vehicles or a single vehicle towards the price of another automobile, car trade appraisal can add an hour or a few hours to the process.

All told, you can shop used cars and buy one from a dealer within half a day or so.

We here at ERA Auto shippingwork with car dealers every day. Contact us for dealer information, hours, and directions to trusted independent dealerships in your area. We're happy to help.

Is It Best To Buy A Car From A Dealer Or An Owner?

While you might be able to purchase a used vehicle from a private seller for a lower price in some instances, there are some major advantages to buying a vehicle from a car dealer.

For one, car dealerships have a public reputation to uphold. One bad sale can ruin their public image in the community. Because of this, they have more incentive to treat you fairly and equitably during the vehicle sales process.

Also, it's much easier to finance both new and used vehicles through a car dealer than a private seller. Some banks won't finance cars through private owners.

And if you have a car to trade in, the car trade appraisal process is a big reason to go with an auto dealer. Car trade appraisal can knock thousands off your vehicle’s purchase price. It can also help you offload your old vehicle in favor of something more your style.

While there are times when buying a car from a private owner is preferable, the car dealership route is the safer option.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Car Dealership?

The cost to buy a car dealership depends on whether you’re starting a new dealership or purchasing a preexisting one. It also depends on whether you want to sell used vehicles, new vehicles, or both new and used vehicles.

You also have to consider these added expenditures -- business registration fees, accountant fees, property leasing or purchasing, auto dealer bonds, business licensing, payroll for your staff, insurance fees, and the cost of creating or maintaining an inventory.

The cost of opening a car dealership is usually in the $100,000 to $200,000 range initially, give or take.

This amount can vary based upon whether you’re purchasing inventory as part of a package deal, or whether you’re starting an auto dealership from scratch.

What Is The Cost To Ship A Vehicle From A Car Dealership?

Because car shipping rates change with a vehicle's size and weight, location, season, and driver availability, it's always best to get an accurate car moving quote from our online car shipping quote calculator. Choosing options such as express vehicle shipping and enclosed car carrier services will also affect the quoted price of home delivery service.

If you are shipping an exotic vehicle or one that is worth more than $50,000, we strongly recommend our enclosed vehicle carrier option. It costs a little more than a traditional open car carrier, but it's worth it. Your precious cargo will be safe from the elements for the entire vehicle shipping process. That’s how we do car delivery service here at Nexus.

ERA Auto shipping provides car shipping solutions for dealers and customers

Regardless of whether you are a car dealership representative or an auto dealership customer, we know that you will appreciate the budget-friendly car shipping rates that ERA Auto shipping offers.

Every vehicle shipped with us is treated with the utmost care and respect, whether it's an everyday vehicle or a top-of-the-line luxury sedan. You can depend on ERA Auto shipping to meet your vehicle shipping needs and exceed them.

Car dealerships and customers like you ship vehicles with ERA Auto shipping because of our fair car shipping prices and efficient auto transportation services. Contact one of our auto shipping experts today to get started or head over to our online car shipping cost calculator. Our safe, secure, and quick home delivery service will change the way you see auto shipping forever.

And if you're a car buyer looking for the right car dealer, we've got your back. Contact us for dealer information, hours, and directions to the best auto dealerships in your area.